Need a job in NYC

Well, OK, not me, but my stepdaughter.

As I lamented recently, my SD just moved to New York, where she is due to start her master’s program at Columbia University Teachers College. Her ultimate goal is to teach young children, and she has already spent several summers doing that at the L.A. County Museum Of Natural History. Meanwhile she was finishing up her BA in Art History at UC Berkeley.

Well, shortly before she was to leave last week, her sublet fell through, but she did find another place to live. Now that she’s flown to NYC, it turns out the job she had lined up–she was going to work at a daycare center (or maybe before/after school care center), has fallen through.

So is there any reason to hope she’ll find something to replace the job that fell through?

SoP - sorry I don’t have connections in the areas your SD is focused on. What I can tell you is the that the NY job market is warming up a little compared to recently, I just don’t know about her specific areas.

Best of luck to her.

There’s always hope, but I gotta be honest, the pickings are slim right now. My roommate’s girlfriend is an art therapist working with little kids, and she hasn’t found diddly. She’s not one of those send out a single resume a week people either.

Good luck.

Well, she does have a couple of interviews. I’m not too worried, she usually manages to land on her feet which are blistered from extensive marching on Sunday :slight_smile:

I imagine she’s in for quite a lifestyle shock, having spent most of her life in SoCal, but half the time I wish my wife and I were the ones relocating to the East Coast; maybe someday.

Oh yeah, she’ll be fine. Things are bad in a it may take some time type of way, not jump out the window type of way. I’m sure she’s checking out the Village Voice? Try some headhunters too.

Anytime you want to swap locations let me know. :slight_smile:

I imagine so…there’s always got to be someone to do the teaching.


Anytime you want to swap locations let me know. :slight_smile:

What’s it worth to you? My price goes up starting around this time of year, and peaks in February. :smiley:

Actually I am curious about the whole issue of people who make coast-to-coast moves, specifically between NY and LA (not SF, because that’s a bit less of a contrast). Either way I’d think it’s a staggering change. But I think I should probably open a new IMHO thread for that, assuming it hasn’t already been done.