Need a new word for...

Another thread inspired me to ask this question:

The word enough serves well for the concept “a sufficient amount/quantity of.” But there is no corresponding word for “a sufficiently small amount of.” For example: “We can win this battle as long as we have (xxxxxx) casualties.” Or “We’ll see you on Sunday if there’s (xxxxxx) rain and the creek don’t rise.”

In the first example, above, “few enough” is OK, and the second, “not too much.” But both constructions seem awkward to me, and it strikes me as peculiar that English, of all languages, doesn’t have a word for the opposite of “enough.”

  1. Can you suggest a single (newly coined by you) word that would work? My contribution is “unough,” but I don’t like it.

  2. Do you know of any words in other languages that fit this definition? (If so, English being what it is, we could just steal it.)


Or (from the thesaurus) - nominal, token, and negligible.