Need a recipe for body hair bleach

Trying to find a cheaper way to bleach bodyhair, I did find a receipe on the net but it calls for use of soap flakes (when was the last time you saw those?). Any other suggestions? Do I have to use a perioxide/ammonia combo like the commercial products or could real bleach be used?

“Natural” beauty columns here targeted mainly to subcontinental Asians suggest all sort of things such as applying lemon juice and gram flour and god knows what else.

From my teenage years messing around with “Sun In”, which was a lemon-juice or mild peroxide-based bleach that worked with the sun or a hairdryer, I can tell you that you really need some good strong sunlight for it to work. Holding a mega hot hairdryer there for ages is painful and barely effective.

Swimming in saltwater and chlorine and drying off in the bright sun also bleaches. You need to do it a lot though, which is obviously not great in terms of skin cancer (or easy if you live in Greenland).

Frankly I would learn to love your bodyhair. It’s natural - if you truly loathe it, try waxing or sugaring it off (you can find DIY sugaring recipes on the internet).

for body hair I need a cream type mixture because it has to sit on the skin 10 minutes or so. Any other ideas? Something else I could substitute for the soap flakes maybe?

I found something that logically should have worked. I put a bar of soap, peroxide, and ammonia in a blender which made a lotion texture mixture. However, it did not bleach my hair! :smack:

Maybe 3% peroxide is not strong enough? Would it be safe to use laundry bleach?

Mixing up batches of household chemicals (including caustic and corrosive ones), then daubing the results on your skin is just insane. You will end up hurting yourself if you continue.

You should be especially wary of mixing chlorine bleach and ammonia, or chlorine bleach and certain other cleaning materials (it sounds like you’re little more than a hairsbreadth away from trying this right now) - such a mixture will produce fumes of chlorine gas, which can kill or seriously injure you.

Buy some proper hair colouring product fercryinoutloud!

Yeah, what he said.
You have a Sally Beauty Supply near you? You can get an f’ing 32 oz bottle of megableach, and and 96 oz bottle of the “thinner”.

You can mix it to your liking, and for body hair, you shouldn’t need very much. $25 bucks for 3 years worth, maybe.

Of course, you’ll want to be careful, and start small, maybe 10-1 thinner, then move up until it bleaches to your satisfaction without making big nasty scabs.

Hmm I had not thought of using actual head hair bleach. Thanks I’ll give that a shot

Well don’t just go to the grocery store and buy some Platinum Blonde and rub it all up in your armpits.

I’m having this premonition that we’re about to feel the wrath of people who do weird shit for a living, like hair care and dermatology.

All I can say is, since you asked how to save money, search on bleaching your head, then read the horror stories, then go ahead and mix it yourself and test it in a few places and save some money.

I saw them at the grocery last week. Look for Ivery Snow or Dreft. They are used for laundering baby clothes.

Ivory Snow, even :smack: