Need a recipe for the sauce you get with fried Yucca

So, can anyone tell me how to make it?

I know that there are hundreds of ethnic sauces way better than the mass produced stuff you get in the rotisserie chicken places. The internet abounds with the amazing variety of such culinary adventure. Wonderful. But what I want is the plain old ordinary article. I will even take a brand name product in a jar.

This cannot be all that darned mysterious, yet there doesn’t seem to be a straight forward generic recipe.

I will be so happy if The Straight Dope can help me.


How about some basic description of the sauce? Green? Red, Thin? Thick? Spicy? Mild?

That said, most of the Columbian places that serve Yucca in Chicago serve it with chimichurri sauce which is a garlicky oil based parsley and cilantro based dipping sauce.

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My mom makes fried yuca with sour cream on the side. Sometimes she makes chicharrones (fried pork skins) or pepescas (Salvadoran-style dried minnows) to go with the yuca. I’ll ask her later if there are any sauces that go on the side as well.

Is it Mojo Sauce?

Thanks so far

I will try the mojo sauce, maybe it comes out looking like yellowish mayo.

That is what it looks like, kinda like a not too jelled mayonaise, although it doesn’t taste like it.

The mojo sauce sounds good, even if it isn’t the same stuff.

Anyone else?


Here’s a green sauce that has mayonnaise as an ingredient.

Thissauce looks like it might be yellow.

How about Peruvian Aji Sauce? I don’t know if it’s served with yucca or not, but your description of the sauce you’re craving seems awfully similar.

Most Aji Sauce recipes appear to contain mayonnaise, lettuce, jalapeños, cilantro, and garlic. In the picture for this recipe, it seems to be a pale yellow-green colour. There are lots of other recipes available online.