Need a Smoking-Related Device

I need a certain device from my favorite [del]head shop* novelties store, but I don’t know what to ask for. When I smoke tobacco through my water pipe, I can either hold a lighter to the tobacco, or hold the wick end of a candle. The downside to using a lighter is that I go through lighters really quick, and risk burning my thumb. The downside to using the candle is that I sometimes spill wax on the stem.

I need a wicking device that will provide a constant source of flame but not spill wax and not burn me. Anyone know what I need to ask about?

Why not just a long handled lighter like this, available in many grocery or home goods stores.

There are a lot of torch-style lighters that hold a lot more butane than a standard Bic, and have a strong, constant flame. They are refillable, which sounds like it would be good for you. You can buy them anywhere lighters are sold, such as convenience stores, not just at specialty shops.

Hemp wicks, was introduced to them a few weeks ago awesome cheap. Cheers


I don’t think they fit the ops requirement of cheaper than lighters.

Hemp wick costs about .10 a foot, and burns at least 2 inches per minute, roughly 10 cents per pipe. Compare that to a Bic lighter, about $2.00, 3000 lights(per Bic website), 30 lights per pipe(probably less) means 100 pipes per lighter, or 2 cents per pipe. Also, you still need a lighter to start the wick.

To the OP: Buy a 50pk of Bic lighters on Amazon, $51.47, and don’t worry about lighters for a year or 2. Stop smoking with a candle, they release sooty black smoke that you don’t want to inhale.

ETA: I guess the OP didn’t specifically say cheaper, just that he goes through lighters too often.

Get a Zippo.

Zippo makes a complete line of refillable butane lighters. Love Zippo.

Also, if you are outdoors and wanna be all clean and green, I’ve heard about people using small magnifying glasses to ignite their tobacco-like product.

The torch-style refillable butane lighters are great for cigars and starting fires, but not very good for a water pipe. The torch burns more butane, leading to more butane taste. They also go through gas like crazy when used in that manner(lots of short lights).

I’ve also had problems with every torch lighter I’ve owned. Every single one I’ve had started leaking gas from the valve at some point. Granted, I’ve never spent more than $20 on one.

Permanent Match. Your head shop ought to carry them.