Need advice about migraine headaches

Not for me, but for my mom, who is eighty-six. Her health is generally good, although she tires easily. She also has a hand tremor in her dominant hand, so she sees a neurologist periodlcally.

She’s had the migraines for some years, but usually not too often, and sometimes she would go for several months without one. But lately she’s been having about one a week, and my sisters and I are worried.

Should we insiste Mom see a regular docto soonr? Should she schedule an appointment with the neurologist? None of us, thankfully, has migraines, but we observe how badly they affect our mother and feel bad for her.

I’m afraid she could have some blood vessel burst or something. What can Dopers tell me about dealing with serial migraines?

It sounds like something has changed. It could be a trigger that she is more sensitive to, or it could be a new trigger, but it could also be a change in her neurological health. I would seek medical care.

Take her to the neurologist. My experience is that primary care physicians know very little on the subject of migraines.

She has a scheduled appointment with the neurologist next month, 1/25. I tried to get her to move it up, or see a different doctor, but she seems hesitant to do it. I don’t know why. I’ve made a note of today’s episode, and will do so when she has another. I may have to push harder, do you think?

regardless of when or what doctor she sees you can help by gathering information on her diet, medicines, and any changes she’s made in lifestyle since they started getting worse. It may help direct the direction taken in diagnosis.

Of course, sooner is usually better then later when dealing with medical issues.

I’ll second Magiver. A headache diary is a good idea. If you or she have an iPhone, this is a very good tracker. It captures a wide range of information, and keeps it organized for you and the doctor.

I think given her age, it would be wise to get evaluated sooner. Among other factors, migraines can spike blood pressure, and they do increase risk for stroke in some situations.

I don’t think her lifesyle has changed. She’s eating pretty much as she always has, and it’s a fairly light diet. My sister’s and I have tried to get her to eat more actually, sometimes it seems she’s so light.

Based on what you are saying I’m going to get together with my sisters and try to persuade Mom to make an earlier appointment than next month. I love my mom dearly and want to keep her around. The thought of the pain she is in sometimes scares me.

My husband started getting migraines, Been to many doctors. Not much relief except for time laying in bed in the dark.

Cant work really since one day he’ll feel ok but the next could be a migraine attack. How does one deal with this, as with paying bills? Even eat.

We’ve seen the neurologists several times but so far there hasnt been any prescription that will take a nibble out of the pain. :confused::frowning:

I forget where you live, if I ever knew. Have you had any recent sudden changes in weather, especially barometric pressure or humidity? A dry spell or a drop in pressure can really do a number on me.

She really needs to see her neurologist ASAP. They may be able to work her in for something like this, if she consents.

Her age and some neurologic problem already in place. Make her go, gently. If you all insist at the same time maybe she’ll consent. That’s about the only time I listen to my kids, is when they gang-up on me.

Have you checked into Botox injections? A neighbor has severe, intractable migraines and this was the only thing that helped her (she was part of the clinical trials in fact).

No advice for Baker that hasn’t already been said.

I’ve been getting Botox injections for migraines for about the past 9 months and it’s the first time in more than 11 years I can say I am 100% migraine-free.

Other than a frozen forehead, which partially paralyzes my eyebrows making normal human expressions comically impossible, I’ve not experienced any side effects from the treatment. Thus far anyways. Treatments are every 3 months. I’ve had 3.

Prior to getting Botox, I was skeptical of the prospect, as I had heard quite mixed results (and nothing ever works for me). But I have been very pleasantly surprised by the results and would definitely recommend looking into it.

Has your husband been put on, or at least tried, any preventative medication regimens? I have never found any drug that helps the pain once i get a migraine but i have found a degree of relief from a combination of medications prescribed off-label (by a neurologist specializing in migraine treatment) for migraine prevention. It’s effectiveness, however, has waned in the past couple years, which is why I’m so excited by the Botox.

Woo-hoo! So glad to hear this is working for you. :slight_smile: