Need advice for my friend

Ok let me preface that I understand no one who answers this question is MY LAWYER and that no relationsips are created by anyone answering this question.

My friend got pulled over by a cop yesterday because one of her taillights was out. When he ran her information through he informed her that she was driving without insurance and because her car was not insured her registration was invalid also. She was in shock because she had paid her car insurance and had the canceled checks. It seems when she bought her car the insurance company canceled the insurance on the old car rather than moving the insurance to her current car. The agency she was insured under never sent her a letter stating they canceled her policy so she did not know she had no insurance. She has an arrignment tomorrow morning that she is going to regarding the citations. She plans on driving there. I don’t know if thats a good idea or not, but the office who stopped her let her drive home. I may go with her to give her moral support if I’m awake in the morning. She has gone out today and secured insurance with another carrier.

I assume at the arrignment they will ask her how she pleads and if she pleads not guilty they will set a court date or is the arrignment the “trial”

Let me get this straight…

The insurace company cancelled her insurance when she switched cars, yet continued to deposit the checks she sent them without saying anything? (You said she has the cancelled checks…) If that’s the case, a lawsuit of some sort may be in order.

Yep you got it correct (based on what she told me)