Need advice on Gift Card Rip Off

Last year some time, a friend game me a $50.00 “Visa” gift card. It was issued by “TCF National Bank.” Knowing that some of card issuers frequently loaded up these cards with conditions that systematically reduce their value, I called to check its value.

I find out the card is now good for only $5.00! Not having been used within 6 months, they started deducting $5.00 a month for a $5.00 “Maintenance Fee.” What a rip!

Anyway, as it’s my belief the government has subsequently prohibited these issuers from attaching these types of conditions, is there any chance the issuer will relent if I call and complain? Anyone ever attempted to do this? If so, were you calm/business-like or did you sound outraged (which I am, BTW)?

Law went into effect in August 2010. If the card was issued prior to that you are probably SOL.

Call the card issuer and ask. You will then have your answer.