Need advice on honeymoon spots...

Well, plans have changed several times on wedding dates and whatnot. But our Disneyworld plan for the honeymoon doesn’t quite sound as appealing anymore. We figure that when we have kids, we can always take them to Disney with us.

We decided that since this will probly be th last “big” trip we’ll take before we have kids, we want a relaxing vacation.

The woman’s sister suggested Cancun. I’ve heard good things about the place. I like the idea of crystal clear water for snorkeling, Mayan ruins for exploring, and a fun marketplace for haggling.

However, our wedding date being July 7th, I’m assuming the place will be packed.

So, does anyone have any suggestions for less-visited places with similar attractions (i.e. crystal clear water, interesting historical/cultural sites for fun exploration, and fun nightlife/shopping areas).

I’m thinking more along the lines of St Croix, Jamaica, or any kind of tropical island.

I’m gonna check some of these places out online…but I figured personal experiences are the best to judge by.

So, give it to me…what are the best lonely, secluded, cultural, beautiful islands you’ve ever been to?


  1. Do Disney now. You’ll get a lot out of it when you get to do it as an “adult”. Yes, take the kids (NOT before they are 5 or so - waste of money), but know that you will experience it quite differently.

  2. It doesn’t matter where you go; you’ll spend most of the time in the room. :D:D

Thanks Holden. I do agree it would be fun to hit Disney alone…but I think we’d want to relax more than walk around for 3 or 4 days. I like the idea of just sitting with umbrella-laden drinks watching a Caribbean sunset. :smiley:

I agree, the room will be the most popular vacation spot for us… :smiley:

But we’d still like to go see some things that neither of us have ever seen, and probably will never see again. :slight_smile:

P.S. Dearest moderators…I now realize that I was NOT posting this in GQ when I meant to. Please move if you feel the need to…thanks.

I’m not sure what your budget is but, a 4 or 7 day cruise is just heavenly. We went to Cozumel last summer and it was lovely. Lots of time to just lounge, eat and lounge some more if you want interspersed days in Key West and Cozumel swimming,shopping, snorkeling and sunbathing. Oh I’ll never forget Carlos’ and Charlie’s–quite possible the wildest place I ever spent an hour in.

A good honeymoon spot? Well, it’s supposed to be on the front wall of the vag… oh, sorry.
I spent my honeymoon in a hotel in a small town in Mississippi. I was worried that we would feel somehow “shorted” by not experiencing a grand honeymoon trip but we were wrong. It was great. It didn’t matter where we were and you will probably feel the same way.
I have been to Disney childless and it is great. I strongly suggest going pre-kids (and after, too if you can afford it) because there is so much stuff for adults there.
I don’t know what area of the country you are in but in the south some popular spots are Gatlinburg, TN and Eureka Springs, AK. They both cater to honeymooners with cabins and love-stuff (nice restaurants, honeymoon packages).
Any beach is good too. And don’t forget to tell everyone you are on your honeymoon, especially if you are at a place that doesn’t have alot of honeymooners - people are so nice to you and you get all kinds of special treats!
BTW - Congratulations!

I don’t know what sort of financial constraints you are working with, but my suggestion is for Cinque Terra, on the Italian Riviera.

Cinque Terra is five cities (hence the cinque terra, five lands, name) with mountains behind them and the Mediterranian in front. There is a hiking trail that links the five, it’s beautiful and not that hard or long. It is more what Italy is truly like. Not as touristy (well, not as American touristy) as Rome, Florence, or Venice. The time frame that you’re looking at isn’t too bad. The restaurants are wonderful.

My one tag line for this place is “It’s the most beautiful, fun, romantic, relaxing, out of the way place I’ve ever been to.”

If you’re wanting to go cheaper, look into Costa Rica. I’ve heard great things about it.

If you aren’t too worried about the recent unrest, the govt. of Indonesia is giving 3 nights in Bali to anyone who wants it FREE. All you need to pay is the air fare and any extra days you want to stay. I saw this deal at This is a good resource for info as well.

But, Cancun is supposed to be nice and there are plenty all inclusive resorts that have inexpensive packages.

My wife and I are getting ready to go to Edinburgh next week, and we got a great deal through Not suggesting you honeymoon in Edinburgh, but they have lots of cheap trips.

Sorry for the rambling. If I think of anything else, I’ll let you know.
BTW, Congratulations.

Oooh! Oooh! Portmeirion—a bizarre, lovely resort town in Wales, on the coast of the Irish Sea. Its got sun ‘n’ sand, amd a whole lot more. I spent a week there once and thought how lovely it would be for a honeymoon. Here’s their Web site:

My wife and I did the cruise thing for our honeymoon. It was absolutely lovely. I did some scuba diving and she got a massage, manacure, etc. The entire cruise ship thing is centered around your relaxation, comfort, pampering and doing what you want pretty much when you want.

If you go this route, be aware that not all cruise lines are the same. Carnival, known for the “fun ships”, has just launched a ship that is more sedate, designed for a more mature crowd. Other cruise lines (Norwegian) are expensive and cater to a different set of patrons.

We went on Dolphin. Not nationally advertised, small ships (often refurbished service ships [freighters], as opposed to new ones) of roughly 1200 passengers. Large “floating hotels” can carry upwards of 3000 people. This is basically an aircraft carrier.

Also, every cruise line is known for something: Carnival=party, Norweigen=lush, Dolphin, we found out, is known for being some of the best food in the Caribbean. I agree whole heartedly.

Just some thoughts on cruises.

I know a couple whose honeymoon was a fly-in fishing trip to Canada.

They fly you in on a float plane to a deserted lake in the middle of nowhere, unload a couple hundred pounds of stuff (tent, rods and reels, cooking utensils, etc…), then leave you alone - ALL alone - for a week.


M’kay, so I’m a little weird, but you shoulda known that by now :wink:

IdiotBoy One of the most romantic and beutiful islands I’ve been to wasn’t in the tropics. Great historical stuff, beautiful scenery, great people, restaurants, shopping etc. The place was Victoria BC and even better you can get cruises up the coast or right in up to Alaska (another beautiful place that time of year).

Stuffin—Victoria, B.C., really is lovely! Much nicer than Vancouver, I thought; more atmospheric. Did you go to that glass-enclosed greenhouse/butterfly garden near the waterfront?

. . . I’m still pullin’ for Portmeirion, though . . .

Former Travel Agent checking in.

July in Cancun would be off season because a) It’s so damn hot and b) it’s warm in the US so why go there.

So if you do go there, you will probably be able to get some pretty decent rates at the hotels, but the airfare ( if there are any package plans in the summer through tour companies - tour companies -sell air/hotel/transfers, usually much much cheaper than if you book everything seperately on your own. Well worth a look.) Check with a Travel agent and surf the web for stuff.

We honeymooned in Cancun. Very nice. Highly recommend the sex :wink: (We stayed at the Cancun Palace, which is now all inclusive, a five star hotel. The only five star stay of our marriage. See below)

Ask yourself and your bride:What do you want to do and see on your honeymoon ( besides that) and how much do you want to spend on air, accomodations, sight seeing and food. Set a budget and stick too it.

To me, it is not a vacation if it doesn’t involve an airplane ride, but that is just me. Driving vacation is an oxymoron, in my book.

Is it more important to stay somewhere really nice and eat inexpensively? Or you do you want to see alot of stuff or buy alot of stuff and can do the more economic hotels? (The last one is the manra of the Ujest’s) Travel and Sleep cheap, see more. Mooch off of friends and family and see even more! (This might not be kosher for a honeymoon, but hey, if you’ve ever had a hankerin’ to see Oxford, Michigan, you can honeymoon in my basement. Just think of the stories to tell your grandchildren!)

Cruises are one of the best deals for your money with four or five destinations and all your meals included and you only have to unpack once.

Europe is in high season for July, so the airfare (whereever you are located in the US) are going to be up the butt prices and hotels are at the bend over prices. The crowds for London and Paris are at a peak. So think about that too, all those smelly foreigners… and loud obnoxious Americans…

Personally, Disney will always be there. Save it for your first anniversary trip. ( Go once before kids. Then go again when the kids are old enough to go on all the big rides.Trust me on this, do you really want to pay a truck load of money to drag a toddler around the kiddie section and not be able to hit the big kid rides with your wife because someone has to stay with Muffy and Thad?)

The one mantra that I told every client that is so true in travel: **Take half the clothes and twice the money. **

Let us know so we can all do our Good Vibes OOOOOMMMMM meditation and channel our thoughts to your destiation for a)great sex b) great weather c)great sex d)so we can all live vicariously through you!

I have seen the most fantastic pictures of this place. Bora Bora, Tahiti

And this was the nicest hotel and best holiday i’ve ever had [url=]Amankila, Bali

July would be the perfect times to go to these places. Pleasure to be of assistance!

Hmmmm now why didn’t that work?

Amankila, Bali

Ell’s were the best of the lot, but still somewhat mainstream vacation spots. May I recomend the island of Palau?

It’s got the water, the beaches, the isolation, wonderful diving and not a lot of Americans.