need advice re: short term cellphone

I’m going off to work in a small town in British Columbia for January, and again in March. I have to take call, so people will be paging me, and I’ll be phoning them back. I have a cell phone (virgin, currently on a pre pay because I make very few calls), but it is a Vancouver phone number, so it costs more when I use it in the interior. Also, it costs more when Ms. Attack calls. Within these parameters, should I:

-get another Virgin-or-similar phone with a local number?
-get a card for a different (local) number and put it in my phone - how?
-some other, more brilliant plan that I haven’t yet come up with.

I guess I don’t really understand how cell phone long distance charges work, and how to optimize my usage. On review, I also realize that I don’t understand the pluses and minuses of the available providers and plans. If there is someone out there who has really checked this stuff out, your input is solicited.