Need answer fast - how to get my new laptop to stop linking to my old laptop?

(Need answer fast)

Something weird happened - I bought a new laptop weeks ago, but as of half an hour ago, suddenly now my old laptop’s images (such as its desktop backgrounds, which are photos I had saved to my old one) are the ones showing up on the new PC. In addition, my Excel on my new laptop says “cannot use copy and paste clipboard, clipboard is being used by another app.”

The only explanation I can think is that the two computers are somehow linked via my Microsoft Office account. I don’t want this, and I want the two things to be wholly separate and independent of each other, especially since the old laptop had some malware. How do I get these two laptops to separate and not link things from one to the other?

Take the old one offline and leave it that way. Then ensure it is not logged in to any cloud accounts that the new one uses. Only after you’re sure the old one is totally disconnected from all forms of cloud storage can you re-connect it to the internet.

Because right now everything you put in the cloud is going to be synced between them. What all that is depends on which apps and which clouds and which logins you use on each box. Only you can know or find out all those details. Apple, Google, Dropbox, Live / OneDrive / OneNote / Office, etc., etc.

Note that email is a primitive form of cloud storage. If you have an email account at Gmail or at Live/ or Yahoo, what one machine does with the emails affects the other. So you need to break that connection on the old machine too.

If you really want the two machines to have totally separate lives, but also use cloud-based stuff, you’re going to need two totally separate cloud logins at every provider you use.

Or use different providers. e.g. use only Google Drive on one box and only MSFT OneDrive on the other. But this trick is a LOT harder than it looks.