Need answer fast, part of electrical pin and protruding wire still in socket.

My electric heater, apparently overheated and the plug caught fire. Once I switched it off and pulled it (yes yes I know), the plastic melted and I now have one pin stuck in the (three pin) socket and has what appears to be naked copper wire protruding down.

While I have switched it off, the socket is at ground level and is a danger if it gets switched on again. Plus my cat is curious.

My plan is to turn off the phase (or the mains and employ a torchlight) and use a plier to remove the pin.

That’s what I would do.

In the meantime, tape a plastic cup over the outlet.

Make sure to get the receptacle inspected by an electrician as well.

I would replace the receptacle as a matter of course.

As would I, but from the OP I gather that they are not equipped to do so.