Need Answer Fast: re-freezing duck meat: result in poore quality or health hazard?

See subject. I have $100 worth of different breeds of duck defrosted in fridge. Perhaps too many days have gone by, and I’m about to debone all of them and stash the meat in the freezer.

I also have to leave the house in an hour.

Any thoughts…

I’ll use the meat for pate. I know it will suck more than “fresh”, and certainly won’t suck up cream or perhaps additional fat twice, but I’m trying to salvage $ and hours of shopping and schlepping.

Why did you defrost it if you weren’t going to use it? And how do you make pate with non-liver meat?

America’s Test Kitchen Radio podcast talked about this recently relating to foie gras. The upshot was, if the meat isn’t in danger of being rotten right now (i.e., it hasn’t been above 40 degrees for more than an hour or two, and it hasn’t been sitting in the fridge so long you would worry about cooking and eating it today), you can safely refreeze it, but it will probably be quite mushy. They recommended the caller could try using the foie gras in pate or something where it’s mashed up anyway and other ingredients provide structure.

I think it was the 2/1 episode:

Hi guys, no time to answer appropriately…thanks to all.

Fuck it. I just checked. They’re not high, as they say (insert joke), and another 8 hours won’t kill them. I did my fastest debone, de skin ever on one, and it occurred to me that that in fact fosters spoilage more than leaving them where nature intended.

Gotta run to shrink. Will discuss this at depth. Also my only uncle died yesterday, and I feel lousy.