Need Appleworks help

I’m hoping you might lend me a little assistance with my Appleworks 6.

Why just yesterday I was boasting about how I’d installed it myself without difficulty.

I did install it and it does work, but not quite right. I’m not terribly computer savy and while I feel it’s probably something quite simple I have no idea where to start.

Here’s the thing, I can draw, and paint and word process no worries. But the button bar doesn’t activate the printer. Huh? I tried selecting a printer but it didn’t help. (printer works for everything else on my computer, just so you know)

Nor can I select print from the file menu as both the file menu and edit menu are dimmed such that they may not be selected.

This leaves me no way to print and no way to exit the program except shut the computer down.

As embarassed as I am to admit it, I know I have something wrong somewhere and no idea what it is.

I’m throwing myself at your mercy, help me, I beg of you.

Thanks for taking the time to read this through.

When you fisrt start the program is the file menu enabled?
If so, when does it become disabled? When you choose new document? When you start typing?

What OS are you running?
Can you switch to a different application?


First of all, check to make sure you’re running the latest version for your specific OS. AppleWorks is currently up to 6.2.7 for Mac OS X, 6.2.5 for Mac OS 8/9, and 6.2.1 for Windows.

Secondly, if you’re running Mac OS 8.6 or higher, this article suggests there may be an issue with certain HP printers in which the printer drivers need to be updated. It’s near the end of the page, so scroll down to where it says ‘Third-party software issues’ to see if your specific printer is among the list.

Hope that helps.