Need books on Iron Age Britain

Hey all–

I’m looking for books about daily life in Iron Age Britain. Can be specific to any of the countries/islands. I have Quennell’s Everyday Life in Prehistoric Times. I also have Tacitus’ Germani and P.V. Glob’s The Bog People, but that’s northern Europe, and to extrapolate would probably be wrong, right?

Thanks in advance.

Here you go: Iron Age Britain by Barry Cunliffe, head of the Institute of Archaeology at the University of Oxford.

The Safeguard of the Sea begins at (by some descriptions) the tail end of the Iron Age in Britain, 660 AD, and might be of interest.

Asterix in Britain. It covers the advent of tea.

How about The Year 1000? or is that too late?

Thanks for the responses, even the…erm…tongue-in-cheek ones. I’d seen Barry Cunliffe’s book; good to see it recommended.