Need dvd ripper

I need a program to convert dvd’s into files that I can play on my computer.
Must be free
Must be able to rip part of a dvd, for example, I want to break movies or television shows into short scenes. I want to be able to say “I just want a file of 11:20 to 12:00 and nothing else”
Must be easy to use

I downloaded handbrake, which seems to have trouble reading my dvd’s, then I couldn’t find an option to rip only specific parts of a “title”.


The only proviso is that you don’t need femtosecond timing on when the video starts and stops. IIRC it will only cut to within 1/10 of a second.

Good luck with that. I don’t think real DVDshrink has been available for years.

This seems like a honeypot site that at the most charitable gets you to download their toolbar and crappy software so they get to serve you ads while you browse the internet. Worst case - virus infection.

After a few links taking me in circles and trying to get me to download other crap, I doubt ths site has the real DVDshrink 3.2 software.

DVD Fab is pretty nifty for ripping DVDs.

Once you’ve gotten the file off the disc I wonder if you couldn’t use some other Windows bloatware product to manipulate it?

Maybe you should find out what you are talking about before you accuse other posters of posting links to viruses? Good luck with that.

DVD Shrink has been available continuously ever since the first release. I personally downloaded a version 6 months ago.

And that site I linked to is perfectly legitimate and contains no viruses or links to viruses. Please do not accuse me of posting such links. It is perfectly legitimate and the official DVShrink website.

You don’t seem to understand the concept of advertising links. You know, the same type that the SDMB also has? If you had tried actually reading the information from the developers you would noted that “**Since there’s been legal issues in some countries with Shrink’s ability to circumvent CSS, the files are not hosted here. **” Instead you have blindly clicked links, and then started bitching that you couldn’t find a download link.

Making accusations based upon ignorance that will prevent people from getting answers to their questions.

Well done.

You don’t need to.

DVDShrink will cut any DVD into any length file you want with any start or stop point that you want with any compression that you want. The only thing it won’t do is stitch together files so you can cut scenes out of a movie, but the OP doesn’t seem to want that ability.

If you have any DVD viewing software on your computer, including Windows Media player, then you can just click on the VOB file created by DVDShrink and it will play. No additional manipulation required.

ETA: Just noticed you were talkingabut DVDFab, not DVDShrink. Never used DVDFab. MY bad.


I jest.