Need "Green Thumb" Advice!

I have a tree-lined property with mature, arbavitae trees. They are about 8-10 ft tall. However, I recently noticed some kind of “bagworms” sucking the life out of my trees. These worms live in a little “icicle” shaped home, each one dangling individually from these (100) trees by the multitudes! :eek:

a) What is this bug? Bagworm? Meallyworm (sp?)? etc?
b) Is there any organic way to kill them, like spraying the trees with a soapy solution, perhaps? I know that worls on some bugs, some of the time.

I really don’t want to use pesticides since I am on well water, and I feel the run-off it is too risky for the safety of the drinking water.

Maybe I should just spray paint my trees green?

  • Jinx :frowning:

Consider a bacterial agent: Bacillus thuringiensis (Dipel 2X)