Need help dealing with SirCam virus (worm)

Here is my situation. For the past week or so I have been getting repeat emails from the same sender which have the SirCam virus/worm attached. Today the situation has become far worse. As of now I have received a total of 34 of these emails (I expect to get lots more before the night is over. :frowning: ) This is what I have done so far in hopes of combating this problem:

[li]I have searched for previous threads on the SDMB in GQ, which turned up this thread.. The replies gave me some helpful information, but nothing on how to deal with a sender whose email client won’t stop sending it.[/li][li]I have Norton AntiVirus 2001 installed and I update it regularly.[/li][li]I have Outlook 2000. I have it set up to filter out this particular user so that it treats their emails as junk mail, where it throws it into the appropriate folder. When a SirCam-infected email comes through, a box pops up to warn me about the virus and gives me the options to quarantine it, delete it (which is what I do), etc. While I am glad to get the warnings, it’s annoying as hell to have it pop up every damn ten minutes. It also stalls any good emails from getting through until it gets past this warning box. If I leave the computer alone (but still connected, I have DSL), these emails will accumulate and my inbox will be full at the server level and shut out good emails, so I’m afraid of what might happen if I let them pile up overnight.[/li][li] I called my ISP’s tech support to find out if they could set up a filter at the server level, which they could not do.[/li][/ol]

I feel that I have taken enough reasonable steps on my own to combat this situation, but I am not sure what to do. Can anyone out there in the land of Teeming Millions offer some assistance? It would be much appreciated. Thanks.

I would set the filter do just delete any emails from this person or you can refine it to delete any emails from this person that also have attachments.

If you want to pursue it further contact his ISP. He is sending you spam.

You might try changing your Outlook filters to permanently delete any messages from this guy instead of moving them.