Need Help - Excel Question

I’m hoping one of you Dopers can give me a helping hand, or rather a helping formula for an Excel spreadsheet I’m working on.
What I have = a column (column A) of numbers (monetary value).

What I need = In a seperate column (column B), I need to list what 92.5 percent of the value of column A is.

Probably a simple question. Sorry, I don’t work with Excel much.

in the first cell in column B that has a value next to it in column A, do this:

Type =
Press the left arrow key
type *.925
Hit enter

That should do it for the first cell, now click the little square at the bottom right of the highlighted cell and drag it down to fill the whole column; it will copy the formula down into all of the cells you drag across.

In Column B corresponding to A1, type :


Substitute A1 for A2,A3,A4 etc. for the other entries corresponding to column A. I don’t use Excel myself, but I’m sure there’s a way to automatically replace Ax for the actual value of x. Perhaps someone will come along with it.