Need help finding a piece of clothing

I’ve got a great idea for a Halloween costume this year. I want to be an “old-timey” beach goer. I’m growing out a handlebar mustache, and I plan to dye it and my hair black and part it down the middle, like the Guinness “brilliant” ad guys.

To complete this, I obviously need the old-timey swim suit. You know the one I mean. Men’s two-piece circa late 19th early 20th century (I think.) Often depicted in older cartoons as being red and white stripped (which would be what I prefer. Screw authenticity, I’m going for amusement value.)

I’ve tried to search online, but my google-fu is weak. It would be a TON of work to try and make it, since I can’t sew, and don’t even know anyone with a sewing machine, besides my mom and aunts, and they don’t have the time or inkling to do this.

I figure maybe a costume/theatre shop might be a good place to start?

I found this one and this one

Man, the guy in the first link (which is pretty much what I was looking for) looks like a jackass. I might have to rethink this idea… :frowning:

Nooooooooo! Nix the re-thinking! Amuse people!

If you’re looking to rent, check out the National Costumers Association website and use their Shop Finder. They list by state.

Or, I can send you one! (For a fee, of course. :wink: ) I work at a costume shop in Indianapolis. I KNOW we have tons of those things, for men and women.

Well, in general, I try to avoid buying “pre-built”, as it were, costumes. I was hoping there would be a place that was selling them as a vintage clothing item, not as actual Halloween cosume, ya’ dig?

Maybe I’ll just go as Spike (from BtVS,not that anime) again…

I doubt you’re going to find a real 80+year-old-bathing suit that would be in any sort of condition to be worn. Your best bet would be to find a reputable costumer and just rent one.

I did that last year and will probably do it again this year. :slight_smile: I have most of the clothes, and even though I shave my head, I grew it out just enough last October to be able to dye it blond.