Need help finding a specific beer recipe

I want to start making my own beer but I can’t find a recipe for my favorite ( Hacker-Pschorr Weisse). I tried Googling, but no luck. Anyone out there know where I can get a recipe?

You might want to just start with something more simple (and not as familiar to you) so that you’re not ungodly disappointed when your first batch doesn’t turn out the way you planned. They seldom do. :slight_smile:

Perhaps just a generic wheat beer?

Hmmm. I would second lovelee and suggest that mimicking a specific commercial beer would a) probably disappoint; b) stifle creativity; and c) defeat the purpose of brewing your own :smiley: Especially for your first batch.

The thing, especially with wheat beers, is that much of the uniqueness of a given brand comes from the specific yeast strain used; if you can’t get that, you won’t mimic the beer. So why stress out trying? Try a generic weissebier recipe if you can get a german wheat yeast, and then see how it compares to Hacker-Pschorr. Then the real fun comes in trying to figure out why it’s different, and try to tweak it. Or decide that your homebrew is better than the commercial one, and how to make it better yet.

Relax, don’t worry and have a homebrew.

I hereby volunteer to test ALL batches thoroughly. I’ll need a…three…no, six bottles of each brew in order to get a good sampling. :smiley:

No luck on the weisse, but here’s a dunkel weizen recipe which purports to be adapted from one in Beer Captured by Tess and Mark Szamatulski. This book and its predecessor, Clonebrews, have replicas of many popular beers.