Need help finding an indian bhangra movie on dvd/VHS

Hi! I’m hoping the other East Indian Dopers will be able to help me on this one.

I am desperately trying to find an Indian Bhangra movie. Unfortunately I don’t remember enough about it to look for it! Here is what I do remember:

  1. The movie was popular when I was in high school, so that makes it just over ten years old.
  2. It was not a movie per se. Rather, it was a compilation of Bhangra songs interwoven with a very light plot of a marriage. So a lot of the songs were wedding songs.
  3. The sequel had the same couple having a baby, so a lot of the songs were about having a baby.
  4. They also had songs for all seasons, like a song for Lodi, Holi, etc.
  5. It was a group of mid-30s people. I am fairly sure it was a UK group.
  6. One lady particularly stood out. She was kind of heavy but easily the most enthusiastic and best dancer there. She performed the songs “Shava Shah Javaani” in the first one, “Dhai Anne” in the second one. I remember in the first movie in the end they did a Vaisakhi dance and she wore a bright pink lengha that was miles too big for her.
    7)let’s see…running out. Here’s the last boli from the last song on the first tape:
    Din Vaisakhi shaguna bharya
    Aao shagun manaye
    Ve shaguna de naal bhari zindagi
    Ve shaguna de naal bhari zindagi
    Geet kushi de gaaya
    Ve giddhe bhangra paye
    Aao ral-mil gaaye"

    …one more line I can’t remember

So I am desperately looking for any information: the name of the tape, the name of the group, a member of the group, a copy of the movie, ANYTHING. If you have questions I can try to answer them.


Hi Elenia, I’m currently bugging my colleagues, unfortunately Punjab gal doesn’t know but she’s not much for Indian films.

Two tamil women beside me might have a better idea, I’ll post again shortly if I have anything.

Oh, and I know it’s late and all, but welcome to the SDMB.
I hope you’re enjoying it!

Thank you Dangergene. I am kind of giving up hope now, but there’s a little left. :slight_smile:

Elenia, the only things I can find are references to Hans Raj Hans singing on the soundtrack for a late 80s/early 90s Punjabi film called either Vaisakhi or Baisakhi. This page has a link to a song (Nit Khair Mangan) that is also supposed to be from that movie. Maybe that will help confirm things for you?

Otherwise, the only other things I can suggest would be to post your question in the forums at or Maybe someone else over there has a better idea.

hi Elenia, sorry I’ve taken so long to come back on this one. It kind of seemed pointless. Despite checking with a number of colleagues, no one has any ideas. Sorry about that.

Did Sunfish’s information help?