Need help finding this science fiction anthology

I remember reading a sci fi anthology in the early 70’s and some of the authors in this paperback were Arthur C. Clark, Ray Bradbury and Isaac Asimov.

One short story was about a man that either crash landed or was sentenced to a planet where he found or built a robot. During his time there he developed a personal connection with the robot. In the end a ship came for him but he could not take the robot with him.

Does anyone know the name of the story and the author? How about the name of anthology?

The story you describe sounds like an adaptation of Rod Serling’s 1959 Twilight Zone teleplay “The Lonely”. There was a Twilight Zone paperback that contained that story as well as other adaptations from the series.

This book contains that story; however, it’s not the one you’re looking for since your anthology apparently contained this story as well as those by the authors you mention. You might find it worth looking at the “Look Inside” for “The Lonely” here, though, to see if this is the story you recall.

This collection “Something Strange” Publication: Something Strange contains “The Lonely” and stories by Bradbury and Clarke (and a story called “I, Robot” though not by Asimov.