Need help from a Detroit Doper (Tigers related)

Hey Detroit area dopers, I need some help.

I need a Placido Polanco tshirt before April 1st. We are going to the Toronto Blue Jays home opener and game the next day against the Tigers.

I know I left this last minute, but that’s where you guys come in.

Would someone be able to find me a 2xl shirt, either like this one:

or, this one:

and send it to me by April 1st??

All reimbursements would be through Paypal as I don’t have a c/c.

I would really appreciate someone’s help in this. There is an additional Souvenier to whomever helps me out.


Does it have to be blue? Can it be the orange or white one?

Nope, doesn’t have to be blue. I’d prefer the blue or the white, but orange would work too.

I saw a Palanco jersey at a store the other day but didnt look closely at it. I will be over there again on Friday or Sunday and can let you know by Tuesday if it matches the one you posted(the actual jersey) It was Orange.

Mad: Thanks. I’m looking for a t-shirt, but let me know anyway.

I will…like I said,I didnt look to close…coulda been a T-shirt.

One small bump…

It wasn’t a T-shirt.

I haven’t been out of the house in a week (well, save for a couple of ventures). I’m going out and about this weekend. I’ll keep my eyes peeled.

Thanks Mad.

Least - That’s okay, it wouldn’t get here by April 1st anyway.

I found a Tigers ballcap in my size on the weekend. I think I’ll just wear my jersey, even though it isn’t Polanco :slight_smile:

Well, when are you going to be here? I assume on the 1st. This can still get done.

I didn’t see the shirt when I was at Costco, but I did see the shirt when I was at Meijer.

Least: Actually, we are going to Toronto next weekend, and the Tigers are playing 4 games in TO and we going to a few games. That’s why I wanted it before we leave on the 3rd.

If we were going to be in Detroit, I would have been able to get it myself.

I would think that even if you mailed it tomorrow or Monday, it wouldn’t be here before we leave.

Lo siento, senora.