Need Help Getting Rid of Unwanted Spyware!

At least, I think it is spyware.

Someone else was using the computer (I believe it was one of my family members.)

Anyways, now, everytime I start up Internet Explorer, instead of going to my homepage (Yahoo!), it goes to some website named Also, there is an extra toolbar that just doesn’t want to go away. Even if I disable the toolbar and change the homepage back, when I start IE back up again, the same thing reverts back to

It’s really bothering me!

How do I get rid of this? Thank you in advance.

Get yourself a free copy of AdAware and Spybot Search & Destroy, and clean all the spyware off your computer. Before scanning, don’t forget to have each program check for updates. You should scan with both programs, as they complement each other, and find things the other misses. Then use SpywareBlaster to block over 1100 different flavors of spyware.

Also, check out this recent thread for links to other anti-spyware software.

Norton has added spyware blocking. If you are using it for your firewall/virus scan, upgrading to Internet Security 2004 is worth it IMHO. We had the exact same problem.

You can get rid of the “Spy Wiper” spyware by deleting all your cookies and going to and clicking “set google your homepage.”