Need Help! housing fo my cats

I need help. I’ll be landing in Fayatteville, NC on the 3rd of November. It will be after 6. I need to find a kennel or a local to Ft. bragg SPCA or Human scoiety that I can house my 3 cats in until I find lodging. I have had no luck so far searching online for an email address to anywhere that will suit this need. I’ll keep looking, but if anyone can suggest anything I’d appreciate it. I cannot make phone calls out of this place (my now empty home except for a table 2 chairs and an air mattress…oh and the cats.) If theres an email addy I can contact somewhere. If theres a website with a number I can try to call from my (former) office in the morning.

How are you getting around until you find lodging? And what kind of lodging are you looking for, a temporary hotel or what? Where is your furniture going?

We have a booking at a hotel on Bragg, but its a non pet room. We have to take a cab to Bragg from the airport. Usually you get a spnxsor in a gaining unit to help out, but no go on this move. I’m assuming that Bragg is probably undermanned due to Bush’s stupid lie based misadventure in Iraq. Anyway, if it comes to it, I’ll rent a car and find a place that takes pets to sleep in and let my wife sleep in the inn on Bragg. The vet clinic there does not house pets from what I have learned.

After getting there and obviously getting over jet lahg our first order of biz is to find lodgings, but the waiting list on post i’m told is 3 months. So we’re looking off post. I need to at least make sure my family is taken care of. (and I include the cats as family). I need the cats safe and housed temporarily until we have a place where we can all live. In the best case scenario I’d like to be able to do within a week of arrival. My furiniture will not be there until early december if I’m lucky. Hell, My car won’t be seen until then either.

There is a book out there (used to be in my waiting room, but it got legs) that lists pet-friendly lodging in the US.

Can’t find the book, but here are some alternative resources:

I getcha. Yeah, your best option temporarily might be to find an off-base hotel that allows pets. Motel 6, HoJo, and many of the other major low-cost places allow pets. The taxi should be fine with transporting you and the pets to a hotel if you want to go direct from the airport.

Sometimes the military will reimburse you for temporary lodging expenses related to a relocation (they did for us when my family moved to a new base), but that may have changed in the recent economic situation. Worth asking about so that you don’t get stuck paying for off base and on base hotel fees.

Good luck! On the plus side, North Carolina is a beautiful state with lots of great fishing.

I just googled around a bit – try contacting these people, perhaps? Include the part about regarding the cats as family; they might be won over by that. :slight_smile:

If that fails, Google around for other rescues in the area, and sometimes dedicated cat message boards have people willing to do favors.

Best of luck to you!

If it was Fort Jackson I’d stash them in my garage. Around here boarding for a cat runs about $14 per cat per day, so you’d probably be better off just getting a room at the Motel 6 - after all, they leave the light on for you. I did a brief search of vets in Fayetteville, and this Dogwood Animal Hospital does seem to board at least dogs (so I assume they board cats) - the number is (910) 864-1535 and it looks like it’s near the fort by the map, although obviously it’s a state away and I have no personal knowledge. But for three cats, boarding fees add up, as I’m sure you know.

My friends…at the risk of sounding like Mccain…thank you.

Zsofia, I went to recruiting school at Ft. Jackson. I was impressed with the friendliness of the people in the area. I’d take your offer it were possible and pay you the 14 bucks a night plus some.

I think the motel thing may be what happens. Letrs face it, when the wife and I get there we’ll be exhausted. My wife asked me why I did not let the movers take my GPS with our stuff. I told her “Neither of us knows where ANYTHING in North Carolina is. If we need to rent a car, we’ll need this for awhile.”.

I may have to rent a vehicle…in fact I expect to have to since we will need to get around to look at places to live. Bragg has pretty much made it clear that their help will be less than what you expect. There are enough threads about Iraq, bush and all of that, but this is one of the things that happens when you stretch your military to far. ?there aren’t enough people left to adequately take care of incoming troops and their families. Its seems minor but think about it…it makes an almost and damn close to 20 year man like myself that its time to cut bait. As soon as I can I’m out. It makes new soldiers feel like “fuck this!” they won’t reenlist. So you’re losing money because you have to replace these guys. No I am not so important that I deserve special treatment. But heres what I get from my PCS to Bragg.

Nothing. No sponsor, only fairly ambigiousa instructions to report to Replacement BN when I arrive. Hello? I’ll be on leave when I get there. With my wife and cats, (Geez ifd we had kids I’d be REALLY upset) No real help on getting a place or anything as you can tell from my OP. Basically they told me just get here you’re on your own once you land. At a time when the army is hurting for senior NCO’s in critical MOS’s how is any of this going to make me want me reenlist or stay in? (I don’t have to reenlist, I’m indeifinte status now, which means I can probably retire NOW, but I’ll get more if I wait for another year to hit 20)

That has nothing to do with my current issue, though. I appreciate all of this advice and I’ll be looking into options. I just want my 3 monsters to be safe and fed while the wife and I find a home for us all. Funny how everyn other placw we’ve been has been able to help. When I got here the guy I would be working with arranged for pet friendly housing a week before I landed. and we have no facilities. shame Ft. Bragg can’t do that, huh?

I suppose advertising “Free pussy” wouldn’t work? Sorry. I do hope it all gets sorted out. Very bloody stressful.