Need help identifying a film

I was listening to a podcast and the presenter described a film but either didn’t name it or I missed it. He said it was about a centre that produced clones for the purposes of organ harvesting when the ‘original’ required it. Anybody know the name of the film?

Never Let Me Go based on the book by Kazuo Ishiguro.

Most likely either Parts: The Clonus Horror and/or The Island.

I like The Island. It’s a decent SF chase flick that’s been unfairly dismissed. Though it does steal a lot of ideas from Logan’s Run.

What’s hilarious about Parts: The Clonus Horror is that most people wouldn’t even be aware of its existence save two things:

  1. it was on Mystery Science Theater 3000
  2. the people who made Parts sued the people who made The Island because of how much the latter ripped off the former

Never Let Me Go is another clone movie, but unlike in the other two, the clones aren’t confined to a camp where they’re kept isolated from and ignorant of the outside world.