Need help identifying Masterpiece Theater character/series

OK, this is probably hopeless because I can’t find the promo I am referencing online - but if anyone can do this it’s you folks, so here goes.

The Masterpiece Theater promo I’m referencing is set to the song “Mad About You” by, apparently, Hooverphonic. The promo consists of a montage of quick clips from maybe 6 or 7 different MT series, like Sherlock and Downton Abbey and Mr Selfridge. Each series seems to appear at least twice during the montage.

The one I am interested in is, I think, the first or second clip in the montage; it is a face shot of a handsome, masculine man in his 30’s or possibly early 40’s, clean-shaven, hair not long, and the time period of the clip seems to be basically contemporary. It’s not Sherlock or Poldark; if it’s Downton Abbey it doesn’t seem characteristic of that show (and anyway that show has other clips of its own in the montage).

So, have you seen this promo (and can you find a copy online)? And do you know who this guy is and/or what series he was on?

It looks like that song was used in a promo in 2014, from this thread

It seems none of the actual promos are easily findable online, so looking at Masterpiece drama offerings for 2014, and given your description of the actor, and the rough time period it is set (and I assume you know what David Tennant looks like) I’m guessing Jack Davenportwho starred in Breathless

No, sorry, not him. The one I’m interested in has dark hair and a narrower chin.

That promo has certainly been around long enough to have started in 2014. I don’t really want to register for that site to see the promo linked there, but I might change my mind.

Hah! Found it, by looking through the entire list of recent Masterpiece dramas, and fittingly it was the very last one on the list - because the list is alphabetical and the series was called Zen and it ran in 2012.

The actor’s name is Rufus Sewell. What a dish!