need help identifying movie

i saw some good movie related threads here so posting this query.i remember reading about this movie released in last 3-4 years about a middle-age woman who has a short affair/one night stand with a young man & when she tries to break it he befriends her teen daughter.i was certain that mother’s role was played by sharon stone but couldn’t find it.i would really appreciate it if someone can help me finding this movie’s name.

Do you remember if you saw it in a theater, on television, or on a dvd?

read about it in movies/gossip column of newspaper.i was certain that some hollywood A-list actress was playing the role of mother & i thought it to be sharon stone.

Stoker (2013), with Nicole Kidman as the mom and Mia Wasikowska as the daughter. Matthew Goode plays the uncle (of Wasikowska’s character, obviously) who is the object of their affections.

I’ve never heard of Stoker so Bo’s movie may very well be it, but if that’s not it, my guess would be Mildred Pierce, it was redone a few years ago with Kate Winslet. I haven’t seen the remake, but if they stayed true to the original, what you said in the OP is a very, very basic version of what happened.

thanks for replies but it was not stoker as its plot involves an uncle,a known relative,not some stranger young is also not mildred pierce as it is a mini-series not movie(at least i think it was).any other suggestions?

this movie was in concept stage at the time of article in newspaper(got to stop assuming every movie in concept stage will be produced) & most likely shelved & the proposed actress was sharon stone.

Broken Flowers (2005)

I haven’t seen it, but Bill Murray breaks up with his gf, played by Julie Delpy, and then responds to an anonymous letter from an old lover (Sharon Stone) and ends up having sex with Stone’s 18 year old daughter (Alexis Dzenia)

you missed my previous post.the movie i was talking about was never finalised.Sharon Stone was supposed to play a bored housewife whose one night stand with a young stranger comes back to haunt her when the young stranger befriends her teen daughter.

Broken Flowers doesn’t fit the plot given in the OP at all. Murray has sex with Stone (who was a girlfriend from long before, so the sex was just a “Hey, we’re both unattached at the moment, so let’s get reacquainted” thing), but he doesn’t have sex with the daughter. That’s just a tiny part of the plot anyway. And, of course, Murray isn’t a young man.