Need help identifying this object

Any idea what this is? Was on my driveway under where I normally park my car . Concerned that it’s a car part.
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What’s the make/model/year of your car?

2003 Toyota Echo
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Is any part of the body of your car that rusted?

Is that part flat or is the right side folded up? It almost looks like part of a brake drum.

Nothing visible rusted. Car looks good. Not flat. Car has been in for service in the past month
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It’s a non-functional part. It’s a shield to prevent stuff getting into your brake rotors. You can live without it, but you might get debris in your brakes which could cause them to wear prematurely.

It wouldn’t bother me in the least.

Looks like part of the drum brake though I would think it would be obvious if the rear brakes were gone.

@ the OP, you might just want to stick your head under the car and see if anything is missing. A chunk of exhaust pipe, part of the body, whatever. Also, look at the back of the wheels and through the wheels if you can.

running coach linked to a picture of brake shoes, that’s what’s inside the brake drum. What you want do is just make sure it’s intact and not crumbling apart or dropping big pieces of metal on your driveway. If you were to take a rear wheel off, you’d see this. Maybe in better condition, maybe in worse, but it should all be there. If you’re missing all or some of it, you need to get it fixed. Like I said, you can probably just look through the wheels and/or bend under the car with a flashlight to see if that part came off your drums.

FTR, If you are missing a chunk, you need to get it fixed. I’d rather drive with a missing rear brake (or brakes) than one with a chunk missing from it. I’d be worried the shoe would catch the gaping hole and lock up.

I wouldn’t think its from your car.

It does look like the debris shield for a disc brake that has rusted and fallen off some other vehicle.

Its not required for the brakes to work in the short term, it just reduces the water splash and debris getting into the brakes.

I fucking said this in post 6, FFS!

And why in the hell would you say “I wouldn’t think its (sic) from your car”?

Holy shit.

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She found it on her driveway, where she usually parks her car. I’d assume, unless proven otherwise, that it’s from her car.

It looks like part of a backing plate used on drum brakes. The 2003 Echo does use drum brakes in the back. I had one break on a Ford Maverick once. Took out the brake shoes and broke the brake drum.

Post 6.

It looks like part of a backing plate used on drum brakes.

Please don’t attack me, Leaffan, everyone is absolutely in awe you got in first with your remark - well done, you.

However for the OP there may be value in repetition of the same answer from multiple sources to increase his/her confidence in the answer. Also the other posts added additional information which may be of use, anecdotal as it may be.

Clearly visable here: Alternatives that worked for me regarding 2003 Echo Brakes tutorial video. - YouTube " 2003 Echo Brakes tutorial video. "

Have a look with a torch if needed through your wheels, removing plastic trim if need be, and you should spot the difference from one side to the other. If you’ve got the other one rusty too, and intend to keep the car in good order, could be time to start looking for a pair, either used but better, or new oem parts…

Sure looks like this to me.

It’s part of the decoder to the Voynich Manuscript. :wink:

2 different things. A shield for brake rotors and a backing plate for drum brakes are not the same.

Those are the seeds from a maple tree … haha … but seriously, I’m not saying this isn’t a part of your drum brakes, however it sure does look exactly like a splash guard from a disc brake.

I say you should have this fixed … this one part maybe isn’t important, but that’s a lot of rust for a 13-year-old car and this is located close to some parts that are extremely important … take it to a brake shop and have a brake expert do the work, they’ll be able to see any other problems … and if you haven’t already maybe a complete brake job, this car is due.

You’re life depends on it.