Need help IDing super famicom RPG

This is what I remember:

  • combat system similar to Phantasy Star
  • it was advertised to possibly be released for SNES under the name “Gaudlin”
  • characters on the map were tall, maybe in a line

So yeah, I all ready know and have played Phantasy Star 1-4 quite a bit and this game I’m looking for ain’t any of those.

That is immensely vague. The only distinguishing feature you mentioned was “Gaudlin”, but I don’t recall that at all.

I’ve not played Phantasy Star…could you describe the combat system?

The combat system for Phantasy Star is set up where you see the enemies in the top of the screen and the back of the characters at the bottom. Their battle stats are right below them. Whenever they attack, their character disappears and reappears in front of an enemy, doing whatever attack they were assigned to do.

As for this mystery game, since my description is both vague and spotty, is there any RPG directory that has screenshots that some of you might know of? I could probably find it if i see some screenshots. TIA

And it came out for the SNES? Then it should be in this list. That’s all I can offer.

Have you tried looking through the archives at ? They have lots of screencaps from tons of different games. I didn’t see anything called Gaudlin, though.

Pah. If it’s for a video game system, it ain’t a real RPG.