need help iding this song

I was listening to the radio a while ago and I heard this late at night… Didn’t hear the name…
Lyrics go
“I don’t know why
My girlfriends starting to cry
Big hands I know your the one
something something
Like a blister from the sun”

Does anyone know what song that is?

Violent Femmes, Blister in the Sun.


So that’s what the violent femmes sound like.

Yep. Highly recommended, if you like the style. My personal recomendations are Hallowed Ground or Blind Leading the Naked. Or for a sampler, there’s also a best-of album out, called Add it up.

I’ll check those out.

Ignore jjimm, he’s smoking crack. The essential Violent Femmes album is the first (self-titled) one, on which “Blister in the Sun” is the opening track. Hallowed Ground is a lot more downbeat and depressing, while The Blind Leading The Naked was the Femmes’ “grown-up” album, by which I mean the songs are a lot more mature, a lot more polished and … well, a lot more forgettable, really.

I can’t even remember the albums after that. I think they made a few, but nobody cared anymore.

I suppose a compilation album is always the best place to start, but if you’re going to buy one of their studio albums instead I really think you’re best going with the debut.

I agree with ruadh that the later albums are indeed “stadium punk hillbilly” rather than “punk hillbilly”, and not really worth listening to, and I should have mentioned their eponymous one too.

However, I bring to her attention the song Held her in my arms from Blind leading…, that to my mind is the best song they ever did, both on vinyl (sorry, I mean CD) and live.

I’ve seen them three times. The bass player spat beer on my head.

Now where did I put that pipe?

Classic thread.

Yeah, I was actually going to mention that as the third album’s (lone) standout. Cracker of a tune, that one.

OK, just listened to the album again. I concede defeat.