Need help making a server believe i'm in London

Let me explain why first…

I’m playing the game NBA 2k11 and it has online play where you can play others. While there are usually 650 + people online in the states, we can not get a game due to whatever… 80% of the people never have a good ping and you are limited to certain ways you can get connected to people, if you don’t follow certain rules you will get disconnected. The problem is no one knows these rules because they aren’t written and there is no chat feature. It can take hours to get a game and requires a lot of work to do so.

Well, I found a solution supposedly… They say if you change your time zone to another area then you will get connected to a game quickly. It is well known around the internet and most people say it works. The problem is, that trick only works for the Xbox & PS3 version.

I have Windows 7 64bit and have went to the control panel and changed the time zone from there but I still noticed the same people and connecting was no faster. I figured that maybe it is reading my ip address and therefore the control panel option has no authority. Perhaps I could try an ip changing program… If that was the case though, how does the ps3 and 360 get around the ip address?

I read the reason why it’s hard to get connected is because the servers are flooded but I’m not sure if I can believe that. I am on a PC and there is a way smaller percentage of users playing this on PC compared to the consoles so we should get connected very easily if that were the case.

If anyone could explain how this time zone change is effective and how I could fool the computer version, I’d greatly appreciate it.

Amazing game by the way, if you like professional basketball anyway…

You could try The Onion Router. You could likely get more latency than you’d like for gaming, though.

That’ll be far too slow.

OP needs a simple proxy. There are plenty of sites around that list free ones, often grouped by country. Caveat emptor - some are compromised machines, so you need to be security conscious when using them.

Would it be safe to assume that the PS3 and Xbox use some type of proxy?

I’m also wondering if it’s possible that the PC version may just use one server for the entire world and therefore changing anything wouldn’t make a difference, or is that even possible? Reason being, the smaller percentage of people who play using a PC

The ps3 appears to have a proxy setting. Xbox probably has one too.

Only way to find out if it works is to try it and see.

That is another thing, how would I apply a free proxy to an application because by the looks of it, you can only use a proxy for websites unless you pay. Hide My Ass!being my example unless of course they are just saying that to make you buy it…

There are plenty of free proxies around, and many web sites that list them. I’m not going to link to any here because they are often questionable sites. Try google.