Need help on a javascript problem

I know the level of talent that’s on this board so I’m hoping I can save hours trying to confirm the problem I’m having.

I have an html table. When the user puts the mouse pointer on a certain column, I display a small info box through a CSS layer. The code looks like this (substitute < and > for { and }):

{td onMouseOver=“return showInfo(‘stuff’)” onMouseOut=“hideInfo();”} cell text {/td}

This works great in IE.

However, it appears that Netscape doesn’t recognize these events in the TD tag. If I put this exact same code on an href, it works OK. I haven’t been able to find anything that confirms that Netscape does not support these events in the TD tag. Has anybody else run into this? Can you confirm the same behavior I’m seeing?

Thanks for any help you can offer.

According to Index dot HTML, events in the TD tag are not supported in Netscape until version 6.0. You might try making an anchor (without the href). Like this: <a onMouseOver=“blah”>

I have no idea if that will work though.