Need help researching 60's UK tabloid the "Daily Sketch"

After striking out everywhere else I figured I’d turn to the fine young team of Dopers for advice. I’m trying to determine the date of an 1967 issue of the defunct UK tabloid newspaper “Daily Sketch”. Beinga tabloid rag it isn’t as easy as researching, let’s say, the London Times.

I’ve tried Google News Archives and various libraries with no luck. My attorney friend doesn’t think Lexis Nexus would be better. Anyone have a better idea?

-The date range is between Aug and Dec '67
-The headline is "“Healey Warns U.S. In For Storm”

Thanks in advance!

If you’re in the UK, thre best place to go is the British Library’s newspaper archive in Colindale (north London).

They hold copies of every newspaper imaginable, both British and foreign, some on microfilm but others in bound volumes (which are far easier to search).

You can order the volume you want at the front desk and be looking through it within half an hour.

Obviously, if you’re abroad this advice is pretty useless…

These guys might be able to help, you won’t have to visit them:

Unlikely to be a free service though!

thanks much guys!!