Need help selecting and LCD monitor

I’ve been zooming about the internet awhile now and sadly am not having much luck. Google returns more info on people selling a given display than anyone providing much useful information.

Of course I have been to numerous manufacturer’s web sites but again that is iffy. I have read reviews of displays at Tom’s Hardware where he noted that manufacturer’s are getting downright deceptive in making performance claims on these displays.

So I figure I’d turn to the people who I can trust. The requirements for the display are rather stringent which is a big reason why I am having trouble with this but if you know a good brand to look at point me to it (I have so far looked at Samsung, Viewsonic, Envision, Sony and IIyama).


  • It must support a decent resolution; 1680x1050 just isn’t good enough - 1920x1200 or 1600x1200 is what I’m aiming for. Widescreen is fine however 1:1 pixel mapping is almost essential as I still run some full-screen apps that don’t support widescreen resolutions.

  • I will use it for gaming and video so a very good response time is critical. Unfortunately this is a place where they fudge a lot. Preferably below 10ms using the Off/On/Off method rather than the fudge gray/gray method.

  • 19-22" display.

  • For this cost is no object. It is of course but I realize this is not a bargain monitor either. For now I’d be happy to see something that meets my specs.

  • Don’t bother telling me about CRTs. I’d personally MUCH rather have a CRT but space limitations are a real concern.

  • Other bells and whistles are fine (integrated audio, USB hub, etc.) but totally secondary and unneeded.
    I know that is a rather restrictive list. Hopefully someone here knows about these things and can help.