Need Help with Google Sketchup

I am currently under “assignment” to learn to use Google Sketchup 8.

I was issued some video tutorials which, frankly, are so execrable that 4 minutes into the thing I was looking for something with which to saw open the major blood vessels in my wrists. In lieu of such things, I turned the thing off. To be fair, this was not an official Google product.

Apparently the official Google tutorials all involve video downloads.

Look, I’ll be honest - I HATE “video tutorials”. They move so effing slow. I can read print MUCH faster than any human can speak.

So… are there any PRINT based instruction materials for this program? Anything that doesn’t involve watching hours of long-winded instruction that makes me want to seize the screen and shriek CAN YOU GET TO THE FREAKING **POINT **ALREADY??? How about a print manual? Do those even exist any more?

I don’t want a novel length dissertation. I want simple, clear instructions on how to get started drawing simple shapes with this software, after which I can poke around and learn via making mistakes.

Thanks in advance.

I agree with your comments about videos vs reading because I’d much rather read at my own pace. You may want to try “Google Sketchup for Dummies” available in the print or ereader version.

Just read the online user guide. That’s how I started. Have the user guide open in one window and Sketchup itself open in another and start playing about with the tools as you read about them.

It’s pretty intuitive and you will be up and running in no time.

Thanks for the responses, I did manage to find the on line user guide. I did manage to make a chair of sorts last night, then tucked in for some rest. I think I’ll manage from this point poking around on my own.