Need help with hard drive disk space problem

I’ve got a very large amount of video footage that needs editing. Right now I’m trying to export one movie out of Premiere so I can delete the 70+ gigs of original footage that I had.

But I’ve got a problem: None of my disks have enough space to hold the rendered movie. It DID have enough space last night, when I TRIED to render the movie… but it soaked up a disgusting amount of space for a pathetic amount of movie. Now, the idea was to have a relatively uncompressed video file - about one hour at approximately 20 gigabytes - and then compress THAT with an alternate encoder…

But that’s beside the point. The problem: To free up even more space, I moved a ~6 gigabyte video file from one drive to the other… but after doing so, the previous drive did NOT have 6 more gigabytes free! What the hell? Now my second drive is completely full (that last file having taken up the rest of the space), and so I’m stuck! How the heck do I get my hard drive space back? (Windows XP OS, NTFS file system)

Heh, it’s even worse… not only did I move that 6-gig file, I also deleted a wasted 20-gig movie file, so I SHOULD have 26 gigs of space free… but instead I have less than 100 megabytes! Criminy!

So you moved a 6GB file from one Hard disk to another, and the source disk didn’t ‘grow’ by 6GB.

Sorry if this is obvious… Check that the file has actually gone from the source disk (that you didn’t copy rather than move by mistake)

Are the drives physical drives or are they partitions of fewer drivers (or one drive)
I find that a very useful program to help in freeing up space is Treesize Pro. It can list your directories in order of size, making it easy to free up lots of space without having to root out files. And it makes it very quick to find the largest files/directories.

Without it you could spend all day removing large files, all the time not knowing about the HUGE file in the unknown directory that you missed.

Sounds like you need to empty the recycle bin. Right click the Recycle Bin, and click “Empty Recycle Bin.”

FYI, if there’s a file you’d like to delete and are SURE you’ll never want it back and don’t want it wasting space in your Recycle bin, select the file(s) and hit Shift+Delete.

Checked and double-checked, especially that 20-gig video file.

Two separate physical drives.

Thanks for the program link. Maybe I’ll give it a try when I get home, although I dunno if that would work. Then again, I’ve got this horrible nagging feeling (as I do with all computer-related problems) that there’s a terribly simple solution.

Well, apart from simply helping you find large files I was thinking it would maybe identify the reason why moving a 6 gig file didn’t free up 6 gig of space (by finding any file that big). I am baffled by that one.

If you like Treesize, google for “Sequoia View”. It does what Treesize does, but shows the results graphically. I recommend it.

Damn that’s a bloody eye-pleasing app!
(and when I am sober I’ll be able to find out how useful it is)

Thanks for the link.

A similar app, the one I use, is SpaceMonger.

Do you have Norton Systemworks (or Utilities) or some other program with “undelete” functionality installed? If so, you may need, in the case of Norton, to right-click your recycle bin and “delete protected files.” Happens to me all the time (even times I could’ve sworn I turned off the protection feature).

Holy sweet load of mother-plunkin’ crap! KKBattousai hit the correct answer! Free space: 30.1 gigabytes… woo!

Strange thing: I actually checked the Recycle Bin, and it said that the largest “stored” file was just over 10 megabytes. But then I emptied it, and… well… I’m good! Sweet!

Thanks, y’alls. You guys just made a shitty day decent.

I’ve got a question, though. Why does an hour of video make up 20Gb. When I capture raw DV from tape it comes in at 13Gb per hour (approx).

Are there additional things included?

DV is still compressed, by a factor of 1:5 (or is that 5:1? Whatever). I accidentally told Premiere to export the video as “Microsoft AVI” rather than “Microsoft **DV]/b] AVI”. Actually, the 20-gig file was only 14 minutes of raw, uncompressed footage.

Oh well. A mod can close this thread. Maybe add a link to it in the Computer Problems sticky.