Need Help with Hotmail Problem

I would start a new thread, but since this seems to be a related problem, I’ll carry on here for now.

As noted above, I uninstalled IE and installed the latest version, Version 7 I think it is. Also as noted, that did not solve my problem of not being able to write messages in Hotmail. But I use Mozilla now for Hotmail, and that works fine.

However, since installing the new IE, I have no more sound. :frowning: The Audio icon disappeared from the taskbar, and when I go to Sounds and Audio Devices in my Control Panel and click the box that says to put it on the taskbar, I get a message that says it cannot do it because, “The Volume Control program has not been installed.” :frowning: I went to Microsoft and found some sort of Volume Control to install – volume.exe I believe it was – but when I try to download it, it says it’s no longer available.

Sigh. Any suggestions? :frowning:

Bumping this up in a last hope that someone can tell me how to find an Audio Control program to install. See post immediately above. The volume.exe link on Microsoft’s page seems to be dead. :frowning:

Any chance you have your WinXP CD about? (I assume it’s XP and I ask since I don’t know if you got an actual copy of the install CD with your computer, or if they just gave you recovery disks.) There’s a file on there that should do the trick (sndvol32.exe): check this article;EN-US;Q319095 for the gory details.

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No, we bought our computer fully loaded, and there were no disks. :frowning: Will check that link out, though, and see what I can do. Thanks!

Double thanks! Just looked at that link, and that describes the problem exactly. I think I can get ahold of someone’s disk.

Thanks again. We’ve got out Audio back! I used my brother-in-law’s WinXP CD to follow the instructons in Nightsong’s link above. Audio is now back, and I can type Hotmail messages using Mozilla as a browser.