Need help with "Lost" (Netflix)

I started viewing Lost. Didn’t realize it had so many seasons. Been binging it, but I don’t think I can invest the time to see it all. Despite the problems with incongruities, I have been enjoying it.

I am in season three. Would like to fast forward and get to the end. Fast.

Can you recommend a season where I could fast forward to, and still understand the final episode? If there is one.


Last ep of Season 4 and then forward. You have to see 5 and 6 for 7 to make any sense*

*Note, I didn’t like the ending at all, but for it to have any chance of being coherent, you need to get the flashbacks/forward/sideways storylines for the ending to have any meaning at all.

There are only 6 seasons.

I would watch the last 4 episodes of season 3 and then:

  • first two of season 4

  • 4.5 “The Cosntant” one of the great episodes of TV history and really the best episode of LOST.

  • 4.12-4.14, the final three of season 4.

All of season 5 and 6.

If you are enjoying it, like you say you are, why the rush to “get to the end. Fast.”?

My recommendation is that you watch the entire series and keep enjoying it. Don’t put yourself on any sort of timetable. Watch when you can. Don’t stress about when you will finish it.

I was in your place, once: I think I had seen two seasons, and I wanted to know the ending without sitting through four more seasons. I found a post on the Straight Dope that did a terrific job of providing a synopsis of everything that happened throughout every single season of the show. But now I can’t find it! Does anyone else reading this know what I’m talking about and have a link to it?

And a [del]movie[/del] DVD only short epilogue “New Man In Charge” telling what happened with a few of the characters (including WAAAAAAAAAAAAALT!) after the finale.

Great show, I loved it, despite the haters. Season 3 was a low point, if you can get through that, just watch all the rest. It’s even easier to watch than it was originally, since you don’t have months to wait after the first 6 eps of the season…:frowning:

Uh, you’re skipping the best parts and going straight to arguably one of the most dissatisfying endings in TV history. Don’t bother. Quit now.

Not helpful, dude. He obviously wants to watch it. If he wants to quit, he can do that without help.

I’d either watch all of it or use my guide.

I say this as well, and I LIKED the show, and watched it until the end.

The only thing I would add is that you need to watch all the episodes to have any hope of being even a little satisfied with the ending.

Not obvious at all. If he really wanted to watch it, he’d watch it, not ask which parts he can skip. That sounds like the show’s getting tedious and that he’d really rather not watch it.

Obviously, I take that back if the OP is terminally ill and only has a few weeks to live.

If you are *not *terminally ill, my recommendation is watch the whole thing or just stop now. The ending will be beyond useless.

Watch it all. For all its flaws, LOST rewards the patient viewer.

…except for the ending, which spits on the patient viewer.


Finish Season 3, watch Season 4 (which I think was only about half a season anyway due to the writers strike) and Season 5, and then just stop there and pretend that’s the end.

Yep, skip the ending. Instead, watch until you’re bored then switch over to Once Upon a Time - written by the same crew - and watch that until you’re bored.

They’re good at writing mini-adventures and surprise turnarounds. But they’re no good at all about forward movement, logical consistency, or wrapping things up (since they destroy that option after so many seasons of no forward movement and logical inconsistencies).

It works better for Once Upon a Time since it’s a fantasy and positions itself more as a soap opera and less as a mystery.

Regrettably, there’s no mystery in LOST. It’s MacGuffins all the way down.

If you can’t hack it, stop watching and watch something else. There are endless suggestions of shit to binge on this board. Find something else.

I loved ‘Lost’ and was in it till the end. I did not care one flying bag of shit ‘what about the island’, ‘what about the Smoke Monster’ , ‘what was the Smoke Monster’ . blah blah blah. I fucking LOVED the ending.

Best tv show ever made. I saw, before it began, a tiny 1" picture and description of the show in TV Guide, and (like with a handful of other entertainments through my life) thought "I have to see this’.

If you skip too many episodes you’ll be hopelessly confused. I suggest you power through and watch them all. At a minimum, Mahaloth’s suggested order will be ok. Just don’t skip too many, because… you know…

It’s complicated.

My vote is either cut your losses now and just stop watching, or watch all of it. LOST is about the journey, not the destination.

Or “The Leftovers”, which is a great show by Damon Lindelof with only 3 seasons. (And I was happy with the ending.)

…open spoilers for the whole series, only click if you do give up and decide you don’t want to watch till the end. (Sponsored by Windows 7!!!)

The Lost Untangled Series Recap.

Watching that I forgot how much I loved the series. Even the ending, warts and all. And yes to the Leftovers recommendation by hogarth :slight_smile:

Leftovers is a great place to go after LOST. I think with Leftovers, one has to be aware that season 2 and 3 blow season 1 out of the water. Like, season 1 is very different than the following season.