Need help with Router, WiFi Network

Hey everyone. About a month ago I bought a router so my wife could get on the internet with her laptop. We also bought a printer that day, which happened to be wireless compatable. So we hooked the router up to the modem, and the PC is on the network with no problems. Even the wireless printer has been working fine, and it shows up as online in the network map (Network Magic came with the router).

The problem is that the laptop cannot connect to the network. It always shows up as offline in the network map too. Funny thing is, we *can * get on the internet on the laptop. Even while surfing the net on it, it will show up as offline if I check the network map on the PC. I would normally just let it go, but we can’t send anything to the printer from the laptop (the wife does her school stuff on it usually). It doesn’t look like we are connecting to any other nearby networks on the laptop, but I am no expert so maybe that is how we can surf the net on it.

We installed Network Magic on both devices, and we went through disabling the firewall on the laptop and everything, but it still will not find the network to join. I’ve e-mailed Network Magic customer support, but the tips they have suggested have not helped. I’m hoping some computer savvy person around here can help me figure out what is going on. :confused:

Look for something called network name or SSID in network magic.

if that is the same name as the network your laptop is connecting to your router/laptop would appear to be fine, maybe network magic has an issue. Have you tried reinstalling the program?

Also, check your router settings to see if it’s actually set to display the SSID. I was having trouble connecting a second laptop to our wireless network, and enabling the router’s SSID display solved the problem.

Are you sure the laptop is connecting to your network, and not a neighbor’s connection?

I found the SSID in the router details, and I will check it against the laptop when my wife gets home with it.

No, not 100% sure. I will check that too.

Change the name on your network (inside the router) so that you know that you are connecting to your network. I have been places where my laptop picks up as many as 4 different networks all named Linksys. :eek:
Also while you are inside the router, make sure it is set to broadcast the SSID.
If you don’t have a password set, set one. Write it down!
Now fire up your laptop and have it look for networks. I am not familiar with Network Magic, but have it show all connections within range. Find yours and click connect. Enter password. At this point it should connect.