Need help with title of a documentary

A while back we watched a very interesting documentary from Netflix, and my deteriorating memory strikes again, as can’t recall the title.

It was about a group of scientists from various disciplines who met in California for a symposium on life and evolution. Namely, to discus Darwin his theories and to see if there was proof, or whatever.

They agreed that natural selection has been proven in many cases with higher forms of life, but then they began to study the primitive single-cell life forms in the sea.

They particularly noted the cells with flagellae. Electron microscopy has show what a complex device this is, with many parts that could probably not be replicated even today by engineers. It has several parts and the thing rotates at thousands of rpm.

They postulate that there is no way that this could have developed in the one-cell organism through natural selection, and thus come to a conclusion that intelligent design has to be involved here. No religious discussion, just left open as a thing to think about.

It was fascinating, and I’d like to see it again, so hoping somebody can come up with the title.

Since it’s presumably not Expelled and not the Nova Intelligent Design show (which btw, mentions the fact that the premise that flagella can’t evolve naturally has been falsified) could you give us a little more info, such as who some of the “scientists” were?

This isn’t what you’re looking for and I’m sure someone will come along shortly with the actual answer to your question but you might want to give this documentary a look:
A Flock of Dodos

It examines the Intelligent Design vs. Evolution debate though it is admittedly skewed toward the scientific community.

Not a great film but not horrible either.

Is it “Icons of Evolution?”

It sounds like it might be Unlocking the Mysteries of Life, which is a Discovery Institute, pro-ID propaganda video.

Whatever it is, the argument from bacterial flagellum is a well worn, and thoroughly debunked canard.

OK, thanks, that is the one. Another reason I wanted to know is so I could do some searching to find more about how accurate it was, and now I see you are quite correct about the flagellum matter, which pretty much negates the premise of the whole film. It did seem to be pretty slanted, but I did not then have the time to look into it.

I’d like to believe in intelligent design, but it is annoying to have something like this purporting to be unbiased when obviously it was. Ah, well.