Need help with vocabulary for TESP

Teaching English for Specific Purposes.

My dentist has requested English lessons to enable her to help her patients. I am excited because she has a successful business. Most of my English students have little money, and I end up working for food. Plus, I would like to get back some of money I have spent at her office. Or credit for future dental work.

I need to write the course before I can help her. I am requesting a 500 peso deposit to write the course. I once wrote a course for restaurant employees (without deposit) and it never happened. Hence the deposit.

In regards to vocabulary, I am thinking of mouth anatomy and physiology. Greetings and conversation. Diagnosis and treatment. Anything else?

Has anyone taught a foreign language course for dentists?

Thanks for you replies.

I’m guessing dentists need to communicate with other businesses - equipment suppliers for example - so education on the often-cryptic notations of purchase orders, invoices, and so on, might be very helpful.

Another thing I thought of, not sure if it’s useful - a dentist in an individual practice may also need to interview candidates for a receptionist job or something - doing an interview can be tough in a first language, let alone one learned later.

Gracias DRavid. Everyone here speaks Spanish. Venders, receptionist, etc.

But she has patients that don’t speak Spanish. Only English.

Patient instructions. e.g., gargle with this every night before bed; wear this mouth guard to prevent grinding your teeth in your sleep (bruxism); take these antibiotics for three days before your next appointment; make an appointment with the receptionist

ETA: You might want to write a supplemental course for the receptionist and hygienist.

Yeah but it’s possible that she’ll occasionally buy something from los Estados, or that items she’s bought from a local vendor will come with paperwork in English. So a +1 to what D-with-an-R said, and one to kdad.