Need info on bizarre photo: "we'd hit it superhero style!"

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I broke the link because the photo is, well, a little strange.

Remove the two spaces between the : and the // to fix it.

I received it on net from a friend who was enamoured of it, and I’d just like to know what the Sam Hill is going on in this photo!

Is this some strange children’s program in Japan? Some cult of geekdom? Is it expanding? (please say it’s not!)

BTW, the photo was pre-Borat, for what it’s worth.


That looks really familiar to me. I’m pretty sure I saw those guys wearing those outfits on Japanese TV. (That would have had to have been late 2000 or early 2001.) If I’m remembering right, it was basically on the order of a comedy skit.


Well, they seem to be poles of a magnet. Hope that helps.

(It probably doesn’t, does it?)

It’s weirder than you think. Apparently they’re a Japanese comedy duo called Downtown.

:eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:
Thanks, jayjay. I think my weirdness titers, while normally amazingly high, have been overborne by that video!

Not familiar with TV In Japan? Here’s their compilation of Down Town.

Somebody left that image in a comment on my band’s web page one time, so it must’ve been going around the ha-ha email circuit.

People in Japan have so little amount of time to watch TV that during prime time (11pm to 1am about), TV swaps over to crazy mode with everyone being as obnoxious as they possibly can in the hope of getting people to stop on their channel. The whole rest of the day everything they show is quite dull, though.

Prime time in Japan is 11pm to 1am? Normal people with jobs are up that late?

What’s part of “Japanese Chick Magnet” don’t you get? :stuck_out_tongue: