Need Info on shipping computer & adapters overseas

Well, this caught me by surprise. Both the USPS and China Post say that they will not ship computers or adapters overseas. So, I now have two dilemmas.

Dilemma 1: I have three computer adapters (“bricks”) with me in China. I have to send them to South Korea.

Dilemma 2: In about a month from now, my sister will need to ship a computer with its brick to South Korea.

Info requested: How can I get the abovementioned items to South Korea?

Not shipping power adapters is a new one. There have been prohibitions on shipping rechargeable lithium batteries for a while due to their unfortunate ability to catch fire and destroy the airplane that was transporting them.

You can call the post office or whatever shipping company and ask them to confirm a ban on power supplies vs batteries, but about the only practical answer I’ve seen so far on batteries is to ship the item without its battery and buy a replacement at the destination. I believe there are no restrictions yet on traveling with these things in your carry-on bag, at least, but that would require taking a trip rather than just shipping the thing.

Can you ship them by surface?

What about the private carriers, like UPS or DHL or whatever there is locally?