Need Information on the Peace Corps

For a little while I’ve been contemplating spending sometime in the Peace Corps, though I know next to nothing about them. My motivations are I can help people in (what I believe to be) an organization with no political motivations and also see the world (granted, probably not the nicest parts of the world, but it would still be an amazing experience). With college though, I would like to do only around a month or two.

So if there are any dopers who have been members or know members, could you give me advice on pursuing this and whatnot? Thankyou.

Also, I realize I may not be qualified for the Peace Corps as well, since I don’t speak a foreign language and can’t think if any useful skills (such as first aid, engineering, etc.) which could be an asset that I currently possess, though I suppose they might have training.

This thread by our own autz is a good place to start.

You seem to have a misconception about the Peace Corps. It requires a 2-year committment. Most people start after they graduate college.

You can go for one or two-month stints if you sign up with an organization that does volunteer vacations, like Global Volunteers or Earth Watch Institute, but you’ll have to pay your own way (some are moreexpensive than others). Search for “volunteer vacations” on Google and see if there’s anything you’re interested in.

Yes I see now that it would require a 2 year commitment which either mean take time off from college or enter after I graduate. I’m not sure about either option, but it doesn’t discourage me either. However, with my major (film) I was planning on entering the industry immediately after I graduate, and I don’t know if taking 2 years off would hurt my options (I doubt it, but I’m not sure).