Need inspirational help for a murder story

So it would seems as if I’ve got a Whodunit or Whydunit somewhere inside of me. I’ve outlined the biggest characters and the enviroments pretty well and have a good idea about what will be the central conflict of the main character.

I’ve actually already written about twenty pages (about ten are useful I guess) but I can’t seem to get a good murder story together!

The motive of the murderer is greed (possibly rage instead). I’ve tried to find some inspiration on the net but looking for famous murders only turns up Jack the Ripper and similar cases and that way to elaborate for a crime novel. Searching just for murders only turns up some uninspirational case of a drug addict shooting another drug addict.

Got any good suggestions or links to help a desperate mystery-writer-wannabe?

I’ve found the Crime Library to be a pretty informative site. At the very least, it should provide a good starting point. Good luck.

Great, thanks!

There is definately a lot of material there. Like the psychological view on it…

Nicolas Claux is a wonderfully scarey murderer. You can probably adapt his charisma, necrophilia, and cannibalism into a really scarey and realistic muderer. However, you would have to change the motivation of the character from greed to rage.