Need ISP redial help

When I disconnect from the internet (intentionally) I’ve noticed that about three minutes later it will automatically redial. There are no browser windows open, or Napster, yet it continues to do this! I’m really tired of rebooting my computer each time I go off-line to make sure it won’t redial as soon as I walk away. Any ideas?

What type of computer? Mac or PC? What operating System? What kind of modem internal or external? Maybe someone can read minds here.

Check that your dial-up settings aren’t set to automatically dial up if a connection isn’t present. I think it’s somewhere in the Tools > Connections menu.

Presuming your running windows 95/98

Do you have Microsoft Shedule Manager running in the background? That could cause you to connect so it can update possibly update-neding programs etc.

Do you possess a virus scanner?? If so , you may have a back door which will automatically cause your computer to connect, so the hacker has more chance of getting into your system. I suggest a virus scan with your most UPDATED virus scanner.

So sorry Handy - I was told that you could read minds…even scattered ones like mine. :wink:

PC, Win 98, internal 56K (plain jane standard Gateway internet-fax)

Checked the items that Matt & Imation suggested, but no luck there.

Any other thoughts?