Need live webcam feed to watch dog - recommendations?

This is the story, it took over two years + a dog whisperer + medication + lots and lots and lots of training to get our extremely anxious hound to be a happy-go-lucky and all around calm dude. Over the past three weeks, he has regressed and it’s suddenly like we’ve brought him home fresh from rescue. (He’s been fine for over two years.)

Our vet and dog psychologist/trainer are at a bit of a loss. Our day-to-day routine hasn’t changed, but the pooch is clearly back to his tormented former self. We want to set up a webcam so we can check in on him often throughout the day to get an idea of how his days generally go, if he interacts with the cat, see what he’s like when the dog walker brings him home from his daily beach party etc. We mainly need to monitor his behavior and emotional state when he’s alone.

So can anyone recommend a site that will show me how to set up a live webcam feed like all the “Puppy Cam” and “Panda Cam” type things? I’ve got a Mac that has a camera and microphone built in and I think I’ve got a Logitech webcam around someplace too. I’ve also got a website with plenty over server space available, and I’m reasonably tech savvy with web stuff. I just need a good tutorial that’s Mac based.


Back in the day I really liked both EarthCam and Webcam XP, but haven’t checked either out recently so I don’t really know if they’ve changed or are even still around.

Right now I like Ustream. I’t s easy to set up and the quality is very good. One reason I really like it is the ability to stream directly from my cell phone. I really can’t say how well any of them play with Mac though, sorry.

Thanks I’ll look into it. I know there is some kind of webcam thing offered that uses QuickTime, but I’m not sure if my iMac 's has the minimum tech to run it (can’t remember which flavor of OS X I’ve got.)