Need male PS/2 to male USB connector for use with KVM switch

I got a new motherboard for my PC because the old one got fried.

The problem is that the new motherboard has a single PS/2 port and I have a KVM switch that has two PS/2 connectors one for mouse, one for keyboard. I tried one of those cheap PS/2 to USB adaptors but it didn’t work. So for the time being I have connected the keyboard to the PS/2 and am using a sepparate USB mouse for that computer.

Is there any solution for my problem?

The solution you’ve tried is the only one I know. What happened when you tried the adapter?

I added a USB card to a PC, and Windows loads it before looking for the KB and mouse.

So if you’re using a KVM switch, you’ve got (at least) two sets of PS/2 cables connecting from the switch to the computers, right?

So you need a female PS/2 to male USB adapter - would this work?

I know you didn’t ask for alternatives, but I’ll tell you what I do - I have all USB peripherals, and a USB switch connected tp a small USB hub. Everything is stickytaped to the side of my desktop pc. For video, I plug DVI, VGA, and HDMI from three different systems into one monitor, and just use that monitors’ menu system to switch video. While I don’t get audio switching, I only playback media from one of my systems anyway, and this is less finicky than a KVM switch, with much less bulky cables.